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Opus Virtual Office Review for September 2018 – Opus vs Regus vs 8×8

(Last Updated On: August 31, 2018)

Opus Virtual Office Provider reviewVirtual Office or sometimes more commonly known as simulated workspace have certainly come a long way since its inception in the early 90s. It was originally created with intent to help individuals or companies to reduce costs by not having to have a real world office space. 

Ever since the internet has become more and more popular and used worldwide, the demand for virtual office space has increased as well. This is why it is very important for you to do the proper homework first before you select your new virtual office company.

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There are number of companies right now providing virtual services, however the decision which one you or your business will choose can be a difficult decision to make.

This is the reason why we wanted to do a comparison of all the virtual office providers currently on the market, so you can be sure you are choosing the best and most reliable company that will provide you with the most features you may need.

After an elaborate research, we found that Opus Virtual Office is definitely the best option for the money, in comparison to other providers of simulated workspace services. You can say that Opus is to Virtual Office, to what Regus is to office rental space in the real world.

Opus Virtual Office Review: 

Is Opus the right provider for your business needs?

Opus has become very popular virtual provider over the past 20 years. Now, they are a reliable company that is present in most locations nationwide, boosting more than 500+ simulated workspaces available in the United States, as well as locations worldwide. 

This is why they can be considered to be the top provider of online simulated workplaces.

What exactly can you do with virtual office?

You can accomplish a lot with having a address in virtually any place you may need. It can certainly improve the image of your company with having a very desired company location address. 

What features Opus Virtual Provider Offers to you?

Here are some of the most desired features they provide for businesses to help you out with managing your business more easily while keeping your cost down.

  • Email and Phone Conference services

One of the most important features for business is the ability to forward all your voice mails redirected directly to your email address. This is a big feat because each voice call or fax you get, is automatically transcribed into an email attachment and sent to your email inbox.

  • Global Address

One of the most desired features is the ability to get a valid real world business address where you can easily receive both mail and packages. This means your business does not have to worry anymore of not receiving mail or packages because of delivery man not delivering because you can choose to get a signature from the receptionist or assistant instead.

  • Excellent customer support

One of the things that separates business one from another more than anything is the customer support. You business is nothing if you can not get adequate support when you need it the most. This is why they offer support around the clock for all your customer needs. If you encounter any sort of difficulty that may hinder your business needs, you can easily contact them and they will provided your with a friendly customer assistance should any issues ever come up.

  • Receptionist Services

One service they offer is a receptionist services. This means you can get someone to answer all your phone calls. You don’t have to worry anymore if someone calls your business, there is someone on the other end waiting to answer that call for you. For example this is absolutely crucial if you are a business that depends upon setting up appointments. 

  • Call Transferring

You can easily get voicemails, and have them forwarded to your current phone number. You may elect up to 4 numbers to be contacted at. Plus you can use this service even for international long distance numbers but it will require a small additional fee. If you choose you can enable a transfer call to Skype at no additional charge.

  • Call out Feature (Add-on Service)

Now you have the option to make call from your home or computer showing your virtual phone number as the caller ID. This means that your business phone number will show up instead of your regular phone number on outbound calls, including unlimited domestic calls. So even if you reside outside the United States, your outbound phone number should be virtually the same. 

  • Affordable pricing

Opus offer a lot for very little, and you can get started easily with very little money. 

Imagine all of the features above, with a certain guarantee of no additional hidden fees in small print. Also, with a promo code you do not have to pay a setup fee, which is a great bonus since most other virtual providers may require you to pay this fee. 

How to get started with Opus Virtual Software

They have been providing services since the 1990s. You can easily sign up with the series using their signup page found here opusvirtualoffices.com/new-signup/.

It consists of several questions which can be quickly and easily answered. 

One thing I love about Opus is no hidden fees in small print. 

Is their service really worth it?

Any services may have flaws, but usually if there are any they tend to be fixed rather quickly. In case of Opus Virtual they have been in this business for a very long time. Their reputation precedes them. They excel in providing customer satisfaction. 

They build their company not as a temporary one time solution, but they run it as a  business that is going to be here for years to come. They have many employees, their HQ is in Florida. Opus is there for the long haul. 

Maybe the only downside, if it can be considered that, is that you may need to sign a contract.

Essentially you will need to sign a contract and pay about three months worth of services upfront. You can use up all three months of services, but for some this may be an issue. What if you decide you want to change service for some unforeseen problem, for example if you only wanted to get service for one or two months, not longer. So this may be a very minor annoyance if you are only looking for a one month solution.

Number of features

Opus Virtual Office provides services that most others provide as well, with the key difference being quality of service being the biggest difference. This is where Opus has an advantage in terms of quality and pricing in comparison to other virtual providers. 


The most important thing to consider when choosing your virtual office provider is does it deliver for the price you pay. I think Opus not only delivers but with the quality of services and number of features you get for a small price, they are truly an awesome provider of virtual business solutions. In the end customer satisfaction is the most important, so we truly hope that this quick review of Opus Virtual Solutions has helped you make the right decision so go ahead and give them a try for you business. 

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This article was last updates on July 15th, 2018.

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